Autumn and a change of pace

Hi there,

I haven't stopped by here in a while, hope you're all well!

Thought I'd update you on what we've been up to round these parts and fill you in on some plans for the little maldod shop in the lead up to our first birthday and..... Christmas! Yes, that's right I'm a big fan of the festive season so you can expect things to get pretty, well, Christmassy soon enough.

Life with the little maldod shop back open has been busy, but I expected that and its how our household generally operates, on full steam. However, when we got to the end of the summer and realised we'd only had one weekend out of 11 at home with JUST the four of us, five including our four legged pal Alfie, we decided things needed to sloooooow right down.
Don't get me wrong, our summer was packed full of brilliant weekends - away seeing friends, away on holiday or having friends to stay. We're absolutely blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives dotted around the country to spend time with.

But we decided that our Autumn weekends should have a slower pace and I must say, its been just lovely! Apart from a cracking week away in Longleat (a belated gift for Sam's 30th) we've enjoyed some quiet weekends at home - pj's until midday, roast dinners and cosy film nights, that kind of thing. Here's a few of my favourite photos from the last few weeks.

Autumn light in the park
Harvesting in pyjamas

Cosy night in with the bake off

Late afternoon fun at the local 'ranch'

Smiles at Barry Island!
A little monkey and a little penguin.

little maldod HQ transformed

A special anniversary day in Rye

Lovely Longleat
With my feet on the ground a little more, I've also had some time to think ahead and plan for my second little maldod Christmas. It was a busy one last year and quite a shock to the system having only been open for a month, so I'm getting a bit of a head start this year. 
I've shared a couple of sneak peeks over on facebook and instagram but am going to make you wait a little longer to see the full range....

This stocking was a big hit last year though so I'll be bringing them back again when the Christmas range is launched.

Finally, I've also been planning some fun and treats for little maldod's FIRST BIRTHDAY next month! Can't believe that we'll soon be blowing out a birthday candle. What a year its been and I've LOVED the adventure so far.

So, some very exciting things to come! I look forward to sharing more with you over the coming weeks. 

Thanks for reading this little round up. I hope you're enjoying the start of this lovely cosy season. I love each new season when it arrives but particularly love the change of pace that Autumn brings.

See you back here soon.
Lowri x