Some essentials.


I'm a bag fan. They're my thing (along with writing lists), I've always loved them and always will.

So it was with great excitement that I chose my first ever changing bag when I was pregnant with Wilf. It was selected for its style (obligatory Cath Kidston polka dot) not too girly, so Daddy would be happy with it on his a shoulder, and functionality - with pockets galore and a great big mat. I loved using it and filled it to overflowing with all the baby 'essentials'.

Sadly I've since bid farewell to the pretty polka dots in favour of a more practical backpack, which Daddy is much happier with. With baby number two I tried to kid myself that I could get away without carrying round a load of stuff. Turns out I can't. I've been caught out a number of times recently after packing in a rush or deciding I didn't need a particular item. Improvising with a muslin in place of a changing mat is fine though right?!

So with that in mind I've decided to add an 'essentials' range to the little maldod shop. Some staple items that I couldn't do without but with a little maldod style.

Aside from the usual nappies and wipes, here's my top three:

A changing mat:
This lovely roll up travel changing mat is so handy, it can be fitted into smaller bags and can be thrown in the wash when needed.

Travel changing mat, £11.95

You can never have enough! These personalised muslin squares remind me of the embroidery stitched hankies my Gran used to have with her initials on. These muslins are extra large so can double up as a sheet for swaddling as well as clearing up drips and dribbles!

Personalised muslin squares,  from £3.95

Available as a single or as a set of three and finished with ribbon.

Feeding Cover:
I didn't have one of these first time around and used to just drape a shawl over me to cover up when I was breast feeding out and about. But having made some as gifts I decided I would make myself one for baby number two and its been brilliant! I can just pop it over my head, pop baby under it and look down to see her feeding (or fidgeting depending on how hungry she is!)

Floral breastfeeding cover, £14.95
I've had lots of comments on it and had great feedback from friends who've used theirs. I'm feeling brave so here's a little snap of me modelling it...

A well used cover, hence the creases!
If you or a friend are choosing to breastfeed they're a great buy. The covers are currently available in a lovely peppermint green polka dot and a newly added floral print. However if you have a different colour scheme in mind I'm happy to take customs orders to suit.

An extra thing which I couldn't do without in my bag is pegs! Random I know but the number of times I've used them to peg up muslins to the buggy for wind/rain/sun shade is ridiculous! You never know, perhaps I'll add a pack of pegs to the shop soon too!

I'd love to know what you find essential in your changing bag and if there's anything you'd like to see added to this range do let me know, I'll add it to my list!

Before I go, on the topic of bags I'm going to be making up some lovely drawstring bags in the next week or two, perfect for little people and just in time for the new school term. So if you're looking for something a bit different for a nursery or school kit bag, keep your eyes peeled on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks for reading,
Lowri x