Buttons for Beti

Morning All,

A friend recently placed an order for a baby called Beti. When she told me the reason for giving the gift my heart broke.

Beti is a beautiful 8 month old little girl who, during this last summer, has had to undergo 5 operations to remove a brain tumour. Thankfully most of the tumour has been removed but Beti now has to undergo a year long run of chemotherapy after which her family have been told to expect to need to travel to America for a period of focused radiotherapy.

I met Beti's lovely parents, Natalie and Stuart, on Friday evening at a local event we both happened to be at. They live locally to me and, with exactly two months between their daughter and mine, I couldn't help but be deeply moved by their story. The friends and family of Natalie and Stuart have set up a dedicated facebook and fundraising page and, as their words are far better than mine, I'd urge you to click on these links if you'd like to read more.

Various events have been planned to help raise funds for any necessary treatment Beti may require in her fight against Cancer. I've thought about this family a lot since hearing their story and after reading their fundraising page decided that I also wanted to make a contribution. I've therefore decided to  make 'Buttons for Beti.'

Since reopening the shop in the summer the Buttons vest has been a best seller and its this design that my friend ordered for Beti. With that in mind I have decided to donate 10% of all sales from the Buttons vest to this hugely worthwhile cause.

If you've already ordered a buttons vest since the reopening then a percentage of your order will also be going towards this.

I am thankful every single day for the health of my two children and I can't even begin to imagine what this family have been through, let alone the journey they still have to take. I can only pray that the treatment Beti receives will enable her to grow up to enjoy a happy, fun filled childhood and future.

If  you live in Cardiff then do follow the Facebook page to hear about some lovely fundraising events coming up.

Thank you so much for reading.

With love,
Lowri x