Saying Goodbye To My Thursday Breaktime

About 20 months ago, on a whim I started a weekly project on Instagram with the sole purpose of celebrating breaktimes. From quick 'pause' moments, restful mornings and lie ins, to hour long refuels with tea and cake to poolside drinks abroad.

The project was called #mythursdaybreaktime and (at the time of writing) has seen a staggering 3,344 photos being shared in a gallery that's bursting with beautiful images and thousands of cups of tea.

Every week since starting I've shared my favourites, always with a monthly round up of the photos shared. Thursdays have always felt a little bit different because of this project and I've received the loveliest comments from people throughout it, saying how it's reminded them 'to sit down for a moment in a busy day', or that 'scrolling the gallery to see what others are up to has given a break in itself.'

My favourite post this month. Spot the Spaniel! Congratulations to @lornarachel.

The truth is though, I've been struggling to find the time to keep up with everything recently. Work is busier, naptime afternoons seem to be a thing of the past (I was CLINGING on I tell you) and so, I've decided to make this my last monthly round up. Of course the gallery is there for people to post into and I'll certainly be popping by. I've genuinely loved seeing posts being shared by people on the same day of the week, each telling an individual story.

I'm so happy to have brought you some amazing giveaways throughout this project, all from brilliant British, independent businesses. I thought it would be nice to mark this final month with a little extra something for you all. So I'm delighted to tell you that I'm partnering with TWO amazing businesses to bring you a prize that, for me, sums up the perfect breaktime. Yes, one involving plenty of tea, cake and some chocolate thrown in for good measure.

The first prize comes from 

Milk and Honey Bakes

, a genius business idea which involves sending chocolate brownies through the post. The delightful Bristol-based founder Hannah, sent me some of her Chocolate Orange range to taste and they were SO unbelievably good. They arrived beautifully packaged in tissue and ribbon, making them the perfect gift to send to someone. Hannah is kindly giving a box of brownies to the lucky winner who also gets to pick the flavour from the mouth watering options available.

The second prize comes from

Fair Do's

(Siopa Teg if you'd like the Welsh version), a brilliant Cardiff based Fair Trade shop. Tucked away on a road in Canton, West Cardiff this shop stocks and champions an amazing range of fair trade gifts and treats. They're kindly giving away a selection of fair trade chocolate treats and teas. If you live in Cardiff and fancy buying some Fair Trade goodies for Christmas then get yourself down to their late night shopping evening next Tuesday 6th (5-8pm). Their Facebook page


 has full details.

ALL you have to do be in with a chance of winning these delicious prizes is join in with #mythursdaybreaktime anytime from today, 1st December to Thursday 15th December. One favourite image will be selected and announced on Friday 16th. The winner will need to pick out their brownies and provide address details in time for them to be sent out on Wednesday 21st - just in time for some Christmas feasting!

Thank you to everyone that has joined in with this project. I truly believe in the power of taking a break. There's a well known saying which rings so true for me 'you can't pour from an empty cup' and it's spot on. Even taking a few moments out to pause can be so important and refreshing. Obviously the longer breaks involving a hot drink and a sofa are the winners but a break is a break whatever it looks like.

Thank you so much for reading today. I can't wait to see the festive images shared over the next few weeks.

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