A Winter Weekend - With Gap

Every time a new season comes about, I make a grateful nod to the one that's just past and welcome in the new one with open arms.

Out of the four seasons, Winter often has a hard time, branded a cold, dark month where the days are short. Maybe some of that's true but there are so many things to celebrate in it too (less than month now! *lets out silent squeal*). At the top of my Winter bucket list are walks on crisp, blue sky days followed by long afternoons by the fire, with a film and a big bowl of popcorn. This past weekend we found all this in plentiful supply.

There's lots of ways that new seasons are marked out for us as a family. From changes in our home, bringing in seasonal finds from our walks which, if truth be told, only sometimes make it to the mantle piece, to changes in what we eat and wear.

For me, cosy knits and bobble hats are what Winter dressing is all about and I love finding a new warm jumper, which I usually end up living in until Springtime. I recently picked out some new pieces from Gap which have given a fresh injection of colour (and all important cosiness) into all of our wardrobes.

Little Maldod Gap Jumper
Little Maldod Gap Jumper Girls

I found it impossible to resist their 'Crazy Stripe' collection and loved choosing the boys and Anwen and I a few matching pieces. The kids are at an age now when they notice when we match and absolutely love it. Twinning is winning, as they say, although I'm not sure how long they'll think so, so I'm maximising every opportunity!

I can't remember what we were talking about here, but it's very possible that I was showing her how cold my hands were. Despite the sunshine it was freezing out!

This little hero will jump at ANY opportunity to help his Daddy, and getting the wood burner ready to warm us all up is a favourite job of theirs.

As soon as I saw this flash jumper I knew Wilf would love it. He did and it was instantly nicknamed his 'super hero' jumper. Something tells me he'll be seeking it out to wear whenever he can, probably sporting some super hero moves and sending out invisible lazer beams from his finger tips at the same time.

Absolute heroes. Both of them.

Did I say twinning? Forget it. Tripleting. That's where it's at my friends! These stripey leggings are ridiculously comfortable and, with their elasticated waist band, are likely to be my trouser of choice come Christmas day. For now though, they'll make the perfect pair of trousers to enjoy a weekend film in.

Can you guess who finished their popcorn first and went looking for more? Poor Wilf didn't stand a chance.

Adding a tree to our mantle piece this weekend, definitely got me in the festive spirit and, despite being completely dumbfounded as to where this year has gone, made me so excited for December and the magic it holds. It also made me realise just how much Christmas shopping I still have to do! Thankfully though, I managed to tick a few bits off in Gap when I called in.

These glittery numbers sing Christmas sparkle to me and I've found myself pulling the denim shirt out for every social occasion since getting it.

Anwen hasn't seen this little ensemble yet but it's a cert that she'll strip off and demand to wear it all as soon as she opens them on Christmas day. Goodness knows how many outfit changes this child will have by the end of the day.

If these ballet shoes came in my size I'd snap them up in an instant. I'll let you into a little secret though, a pair of shoes that did fit me were these silver boots! I have size 3-4 feet so, occasionally, I'm lucky enough to find a pair of children's shoes that fit. I may have given a little fist pump when I found this pair in my size. They are so comfortable and have become a firm favourite already. Although if you fancy a pair, I would advise that you avoid wearing with TOO many crazy stripes (some is fine but don't go head to toe). I overdid it one day recently and looked alarmingly similar to Mr Tumble.

Anwen also hasn't seen these sweet bear tights which have found their way into her stocking pile. I'll guess I'll just have to slip these socks into the gigantic pile I'm assuming Sam is gathering for me.

I'm fairly sure this scene is how the rest of our Winter will play out. Fingers crossed for more sunshine filled walks, followed by cosy days adorned in crazy, colourful stripes. Lucky for Sam there wasn't a men's range of these leggings because you know I'd definitely have gone there. 'Quadding.' Could that be a thing?!

I'm delighted to be joining with Gap to share a fantastic offer with you this week. If you fancy snapping up any of these items for your own Winter wardrobe or to fill some Christmas stockings then, from today until next Monday (5th December), you can get 40% off all full price items (excluding leather and cashmere). Simply screen shot the voucher below to show in store or reference the code to claim your discount, simple!

Wishing you all the loveliest of Winters, may your days be bright.

This post was written in collaboration with Gap. However all words and views are my own.