March Discoveries

Back in August, I started a new series on this blog designed to share little discoveries that I happen on throughout any given month. You can read the imaginatively names 'August Discoveries' post here.

Despite there being plenty of little finds, delights and discoveries, the series of posts lasted all of two months. But today, you'll be pleased to here, I'm dusting it off and reviving it! I thought I'd combine it today with my 'Styling The Seasons' post for March. 

So, without further ado, he's are few things I've found and loved this month.


Lovely Liberty

As some of you might know, March is a birthday month in our household. When I spotted the stunning new range of Liberty party wear by Meri Meri


I knew I wanted to use as much of it as possible for Anwen's party. Almost 2 weeks later and some of it remains in place, it's just too pretty to pack away! 



This has got to be one of my absolute favourite Spring flowers. Each layer looks like a single piece of tissue paper, perfectly wrapped into a little ball. I've not been able to resist them at our local grocers, even when some of the delicate stems have been battered and bruised and the leaves look scruffy and ragged. 

Make Believe

The little star wand in this pot is a reminder of all the fun we've had playing make believe this month. Wilf is now at a stage where made up shows and characters are the game of choice, naturally Anwen is happy to fall in line too! We've had a few dressing up parties this month too which have been a lot of fun to prepare for (read, quickly raid the fabric drawer!) Wilf has already requested a super hero party for his birthday so I'm sure the dressing up box will be added to in the months ahead.


We've had fun with some water colours this month and this glass jar has been slowly filled with paint brushes, at the ready for whenever we need some calm creative fun. The calm doesn't last long obviously, as it doesn't take long for Anwen to start licking the brushes and for squabbles over the water pot to commence. 

 The grey ink pot is something I picked up from a shop called

Meticulous Ink

which I stumbled upon on our weekend in Bath a few weeks ago. Let's just call it a 'something I'd like to have done this month'. I've got plans for some new prints for the shop, so am hoping to find some time to crack it open in April.

We have a fun month ahead of us, starting with a night away with friends this weekend and topped off with a break in Norfolk and a wedding at the end. Roll on April, I'm looking forward to whatever you have to offer. 

Thanks for stopping by, keep your eyes open for the 'April Edit' over the weekend, where I'll be featuring my top shop picks for the new month.