Golden Bunnies and Glass Eggs

I love decorating throughout the year, tinkering with shelves and moving things around depending on the season. The arrival of Spring gives me a chance to bring colour into the house again, with spring flowers a plenty, how can you resist daffodils when they're 30p a bunch?!

Easter is an important celebration for us as a family. It's meaning is central to our Christian faith and, whilst I'm all about the chocolate eggs and bunnies, decorating the house and celebrating over the long weekend will have special significance for us.

Our new tradition to decorate an Easter tree has taken a slightly paired back stance (so far) this year. I decided to use some Eucalyptus branches, which I bought last week, and I'm so pleased with the result.

I hung these glass decorations which I bought for a couple of pounds in Tiger a few weeks ago. The delicate glass eggs compliment the eucalyptus really well, much more than the chunky felt bunnies and eggs I dug out the loft would have! Although I'm sure they'll also be hanging from somewhere in due course this week.

Another subtle touch I'm pleased with is this golden bunny, added to an enamel vase that I bought (from House By Betty) recently. The bunny is part of a set of Easter Stickers (which you can find in the shop here), I can only guess how many more will be making an appearance around the place before Sunday!

These pastel pinwheels are also adding a lovely seasonal touch to the house. I hung them in the kitchen this week for Anwen's birthday but they'll be left to cheer the breakfast area for a while yet.

The pinwheels come as a pack of 6, with 3 different colours and sizes, if you fancy snapping up a pack you can find them here.

These sticks and signposts will be put to use at our annual Easter egg hunt but for now they're adding a fun touch to some pottery on the hall shelf. If you have an egg hunt planned this weekend then check out the Egg Hunt Kit here, it includes everything you'll need to help little ones search for chocolate this weekend!

Of course decorating would not be complete without seasonal flowers and this bunch called 'The Chloe' from Bloom & Wild is spot on. The scented stock is so delicate and, for me, the perfect shade of pastel for this time of year. 

Over this weekend I held a little 'Easter Giveaway' on Instagram. I was absolutely staggered by the number of entries so as a little thank you am offering FREE P&P all day today. So if you fancy snapping up any of the items I've featured above, just pop in 'easteratlittlemaldod' at the checkout.

I'd love to know how you decorate your home for Easter, I'm always looking for new ideas. Do leave a comment below and say hi!

Have a great week.

Lowri x