Sisterhood and 'being' Beyoncè

This weekend I've been in London staying with my sister. Yesterday, along with our Mum and some of our best friends (and their Mum's) we celebrated a wonderful friend who is getting married in a few weeks. A MAD hen as it's become known, that's Mother's and Daughters MAD, not getting arrested MAD.

We spent the day lunching, laughing and dancing (or trying to) along to Beyoncé at Pineapple dance Sudios. Never have I enjoyed a dance class so much (secretly wishing I'd mastered dance as a girl). We had such a laugh trying to get to grips with the moves to 'Single Ladies'. I'm sure we'll be doing a repeat performance at the wedding in a few weeks time, if I can just nail 'that' walk and ring-finger-pointing handshake.... I realised this morning after watching the actual video on you tube that we were quite a way off from the real thing, can you believe I was actually a bit surprised?!

This weekend has been another one of those weekends that leaves you smiling and feeling loved. Time spent with strong, independent...hang on I can hear a certain song coming on.... strong, encouraging, fun and kind, loving women usually does that.

Weekends away are amazing and such a tonic but an even greater sense of sisterhood comes from supporting each other in the everyday. Supporting and encouraging each other through life's adventures, the everyday moments and, as I've come to notice recently, in business.

That 'business' means different things to different people, we're all 'doing' different things and have so many roles, but finding a way to encourage and empower each other in all of it can have powerful consequences. I've been on the recieving end of the kind words of other women recently who've simply said 'well done' or 'you can do it, I know you can' and I can't begin to tell you how encouraging it's been. It's not hard is it, to pass on a bit of encouragement?

I've been inspired too by seeing other women building life affirming, strong relationships with other women and supporting each other in business. Through the world of Instagram I have 'met' so many who are walking the sisterly walk and even some who've made it their 'business' to encourage and build up others.

Inspiring words by Lola Hoad Design

One business that I've come across recently is a print Magazine (launching in the Autumn) called the ' The Fourth Trimester'. Set up by a first time Mum called Amy, it's sole purpose is to support life after birth (you know that 'shock to the system' kind of life) and is written by Mums, for Mums. Recently Amy held an online auction (via Instagram) to raise funds for the first publication and I was blown away by how many other women put forward items from their own indepedent businesses. A true example of women supporting women, supporting women.

I've had the privilege of working with a group of lovely and kind hearted women recently through my work with little maldod. I'm delighted to be stocking work which has been handmade or hand designed by some of them and it's been such a pleasure. It's a great feeling to know that we're there to support and encourage and not compete and pitch against one another.

I saw this quote recently by a brilliant business called 'Words etc.' and it's so true. 'Success' means different things to each of us but I firmly believe that there is absolutely no reason why we shouldn't go after what we dream of and what we're called to do and to be successful in it. And if we have a tribe of women cheering us on then what's stopping us?

Let's stick with each other ladies, remember (as hard as it is in life's chaos sometimes) to send that text with a word of encouragement and to check in with one another to see how we're doing.

I so appreciate every one of you, you're incredibly valued and amazing, not because of what you 'do', but just for being you. Be encouraged my friends, I got your back.

Right, signing off here before I start spouting Beyonce....