Holidaying At 'Home'

All of our week last week was a breaktime for us as we were 'holiday at home' and enjoying (half) day trips out and lots of lazing about in front of Wimbledon in the afternoons. It was good to slow the pace down a bit, spend some quality time together and go to local places that we never normally have the time for.

On Thursday we headed into Cardiff and took the kids to the Welsh Museum, somewhere I'd been looking forward to taking them to for ages. We enjoyed the dinosaurs, dressing up as Scientists and looking at bugs. Then managed a quick walk through the Impressionist gallery before they became a bit wild and in need of lunch and fresh air.

 One of my favourite photos in the #mythursdaybreaktime gallery last week was of this gorgeous pair, taken while I was wandering close by, lost in a world of Monet.

I'm absolutely bias and I love that my husband appreciates Instagram and joins in with this weekly challenge. Of course I've told him he's not allowed to be considered for the monthly prize (as much as I'd love flowers delivered to the door for 3 months!)

@lindiespatch  @aptapothecary

@lyndaybuchanan_  @buildarocketbickers

Family photos aside, this beautiful and bright bunch of photos caught my eye. I love the vibrant pops of colour that burst out, perfectly summery in every way.

It's this serene capture by @sarahhemsley that I keep coming back to when I scroll through the gallery though. I love the light palette of colours, they're such a change from the vibrant blooms I'm cutting from the garden at the moment. Sarah is a woman after my own heart, there's nothing I enjoy more than pottering with flowers when I get a break in my day.

In fact when I arranged this month's giveaway with Bloom & Wild, they told me that their customers often comment that arranging flowers after they've been delivered is a lovely break. Flowers and a bit of 'down' time, what could be better than that?!

A cup of tea I hear you say? Well you'll just have to wait for next month's giveaway....

Back to July though. If you fancy the chance of winning THREE month's worth of flowers, simply post your breaktime moments on Instagram at any point on Thursday and tag in @littlemaldod and @bloomandwild. I'll pick my favourite shot of the month on the 31st July and the flowers are yours!

Tomorrow afternoon I'll be hanging out with my 'nursery graduate' little boy (sob) who has his final day at his Welsh nursery in the morning. There's a huge amount of Sweetpeas to be picked and plenty of dead heading to do so I'll be enlisting his gardening skills while his sister naps.

I look forward in to checking in to seeing what you're all up to too.

See you then! 

Lowri x