Little Introductions - An Instagram Project

Six weeks ago today I started a fun new hashtag on Instagram. Yes I know there's new hashtag projects popping up all over the shop, but quite frankly I love them. They inspire me and open up wonderful galleries and images to enjoy.

I wanted to find a way of getting to know the people behind the little squares, a way of saying hello and sharing more of the personal side behind the pictures. As a small business I am often unsure about how much personal life to share through my photos but realised recently just how important it can be. In fact, one of the things I love about 'following' brands and independent businesses, is getting to know the people behind them.

So, I started #littleintroductions. On a whim. I invited others to join in but I never expected to discover such lovely businesses and individuals or get such kind comments about how much everyone enjoyed joining in each week.

I decided to give weekly prompts to give people an idea of what to share and I thought I'd tell you all about it here so if you fancy joining in retrospectively (which of course would be very lovely) then you can.

So here are the prompts.

Week 1: 'Pleased To Meet You.' Just a simple 'hello, this is me, pleased to you.'

Here's a few photos that were share during week one.


@isabelledebionne  @inkyhuckster

Week 2 'What's in a name.' A prompt to share the story behind The business/blog/Instagram name

There were some great stories behind business names shared. Here's a few of the people who joined in, go check out their lovely shops!

@mylittleduke  @allenandbear

@gooseberryfool  @ingridpetriedesign

Week 3: 'Home Sweet Home.' A chance to share where on the map you are.

I'm a home bird and home is very important to me. So I loved this week of stories. It seems, home really is where your heart is. Everyone was scattered all over the country and globe! Here are a few of the posts shared.

@helcatemporium  @mayandjuniper


Week 4: 'Playtime.' A prompt to share what you love to do when you're not making, creating, mothering or busy with life. I posted this photo because I love the garden, allotment and all things floral.

There were some great posts shared with such nice hobbies and pastimes (tap dancing and piano playing to name just a few). It's good to take time out of the 'ordinary' and have fun isn't it!

@hopeandrainbows  @shirleyrainbow_tb

@rebekahsattic  @tweedfiend_

Week 5 (this last week): 'Handlettered Hello.' A prompt to share your handwriting, scribble or elegant calligraphy.

I find it such a shame that the written word and handwriting is seen less and less now that we're all busy tapping on keyboards and onto our phone screens. So I thought this week would be a nice excuse to share what your handwriting looks like. I just loved these posts.

@mabel_does  @lingyeungb

@ceramicmagpie  @blossomandbear

Today is the final week and I thought it would be good to look ahead, to think about our hopes and dreams. So for Week 6, the prompt is: 'Daydreaming.' A chance to share what you dream about, perhaps for your business, in your personal life or for your family. Dreams are powerful things and I truly believe that they can come true.

My husband and I have a long term dream for our family of one day finding ourselves living in the countryside and hosting others in need of rest through a home or retreat that we've created. I know it's not something for now but I do like to let my mind wander ahead and picture what it will be like and how lovely it will be. I also have short term dreams and plans and have SO much I would love to do with little maldod. Is anyone else kept awake at night with a mind whirring?!

I'd love to know what you dream about. Simply share a post on Instagram and tag in #littleintroductions. While you're there, take a look at the other posts in the gallery, I promise you'll discover so many inspiring, creative businesses and lovely people.

If you've read this post and fancy joining in with any of the prompts then please feel free. I love grabbing a cuppa and catching up with everything that's being shared across all the weeks' prompts.

I'm so glad I took a chance and went with this little whim! 

Thanks so much for reading today.