Allotment2b Tales

Sam has been away this past weekend (since Thursday actually), enjoying a well earned break away with his best mates. He missed Father's Day but I'm sure was quite happy enjoying the sunshine and his fourth round of golf in four days. When he got back last night he told me, as a surprise, that he'd booked today as leave so we could enjoy a family day and belated Father's Day all together.

As we'd not made it down to the allotment together for a while we thought we'd pop down to get a few jobs done and see what we could harvest. Just before we left he read an email from the Allotment Site Secretary (sounds like a grand title doesn't it) saying that there'd be a few shed break-ins. We were very relieved when we got there that, despite our shed window having blown out a few months ago, that everything was still in place, including the kettle! Big Phew. 

The rest of the morning was spent battening up the shed window, weeding, thinning out the Beets, collecting worms and snails (Wilf) and digging for gold, also known as harvesting potatoes. We also managed to pick a couple of Strawberries, a miniature Courgette and some Spinach leaves.

It's a while since I've posted photos of the allotment so thought I'd show you what we got up to earlier. If you want to see how things have moved on there, you can read my previous post from the Spring 'Finding Solace and Muddy Toes on Allotment2b' by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy this photo update.

'Digging for gold.' One of my favourite things to do on the veg patch!

Wellies don't last long with these two.

One welly Wild child.

Off to carry out a plot inspection.

Checking the shed for damage.

Thankfully we had a few beach buckets in the car to put our harvest in.

Spinach and Beet Leaves.

It's tricky finding time to get down here together and when we go with the kids our time is usually limited. So this Thursday evening we've booked a babysitter and are looking forward to spending the evening there together, a couple of beers in tow and a to-do list as tall as our bean poles! 

If you enjoy reading about our allotment adventures you can follow Sam at @allotment2b or take a look at #allotment2btales on Instagram. I'm sure I'll post another update in the busy Summer months ahead too.

Thanks for stopping by. X