From a Welsh Kitchen


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with friends and family and have some nice plans tonight to welcome in the new year. I'm writing this from a very toasty kitchen in the heart of West Wales where we're enjoying the last few days of our break. While the rest of the family are off being productive (preparing for tonight's celebrations or felling trees in the garden!) I thought I would pop by and say hi.
Since Christmas has passed I've been thinking about the year ahead and what resolutions I might make or particular words I'll hold on to throughout the months of 2014.  This year our word has been 'live', a simple word with a simple meaning - to live life to its full and enjoy every day that we're blessed with. Over the weekend I hopped on the Flipagram bandwagon and made a video of my favourite Instagram pictures taken this year. It was lovely to look back on the many happy moments we've had, including the arrival of some precious babies, lots of laughts with Wilf who has too quickly gone from a baby to a little boy, and the exciting adventures we've embarked upon- little maldod being just one.

We have lots to look forward to in 2014, I'm so excited to show you the new lines that I'm planning to add to the little maldod shop (stay tuned this week), I've loved every minute of running little maldod so far and hope you'll join me for the ride in the new year. But by far the biggest life change for us will be the arrival of our second baby in March. Tomorrow we have just 10 weeks to go until D day and I'm fairly sure that time is going to fly. So amongst our day to day life, the creating and making for little maldod I will also be getting things ready for another little person to join our family. Life is going to get busy and I've no doubt there will be some hefty learning curves but we're ready for it and most certainly looking forward to it!

I expect whatever word or resolution I decide on for 2014 will have a lot to do with the changes that lie ahead of us in the next couple of months. I'm sure I'll share more about this in a future post but for now, I thought I'd leave you with my flipagram video of the year.

Thank you so much for your support this year, I hope you have a very Happy New Year!

Much Love,
Lowri x