Have a Cosy Christmas!

What a month its been! Little Maldod opened its virtual doors 4 weeks ago this week and the support I've had has been absolutely amazing. The messages of support and kind words that I've had from people have been amazing and i've been kept a lot busier with orders that I thought I would be. I am so grateful for ALL the support and want to say a massive thank you to you all!

I posted my final orders off at the start of this week so the last of the little maldod stockings and gifts should now have landed on doorsteps ready for the big day. I was involved in a lovely Giveaway last Saturday and was delighted that my final sew of the year was to make a personalised stocking for the winner. The winning lady is going to give it to her 8 month old son, this is what she told me: "Iv been looking for a stocking for ages one that he can have forever like I did when I was a kid, still have mine. These are gorgeous, still can't believe I've won. Thank you!"
What a perfect way to the end the year.

As well as being busy in the work room, as a family we've had a fun filled couple of weeks with lots of lovely festive activities. The house has gradually become more and more Christmassy, Wilf has sported some very cute festive outfits, the chocolate basket (Quality Streets of course!) has been restocked twice, and I've hoovered more pine needles than I care to think of (we've got a dropper this year). Its really been a great December and the special part is yet to come!

So, before I sign off for Christmas here's a round up of one of my favourite months of the year.

No time for making new decorations this year but this is an old favourite.

I didn't get to make a fresh wreath either but this fruity one has served us nicely. 

A trip to the local farmshop and their nativity barn was a huge hit!

The nativity story is very important to us as a family so I was very happy when I found this set. 
It'll be treasured for years. A rhino has since been added although i'm not sure one was actually present at the birth of Jesus!

Thankfully most baubles have been safe so far.....

Christmas knit overload

Final present deliveries to friends last night

The giveaway stocking. So delighted that this will be used for years.

Nearly there....

I opened this card whilst Wilf and I were cuddled up under a blanket on the sofa yesterday afternoon. Its one of my favourite cards we've received this year. So I'm sharing it with you all and wish you the most wonderful Christmas, may it be filled with fun, laughs, plenty of cosiness and lots of love.

Thank you so much for reading and joining me on the little maldod adventure this past month. I'm so looking forward to sharing my plans for the shop with you in the new year.

With lots of love,
Lowri x