What I've Learnt, Discovered and Loved in August

This month has been jam packed for us. We went to our first festival, spent 8 nights under canvas, spent 2 child free nights away in a shepherds hut, while the kids had 3 nights on a boat, we've stayed with friends and family and visited 5 different counties.

We've certainly been away more than we've been home and the allotment and garden both turned into jungles in the process. I've been fortunate enough to have been able to slow down a lot of my business, giving me the chance to spend so much time with the kids. We're all starting to look ahead to the new term and crave a bit more routine now though, but before we start September I thought I'd look back on what I've learnt, discovered and loved this month.

August - Learnt, Discovered and Loved.jpg


1. That kids don't need expensive activities to keep them happy in the holidays. I watched Wilf having endless fun building mountains made of cut grass last weekend. I'm sure it'll be the simplest things they'll be talking about when they go back to school.

2. How to make 'smores. You know those marshmallowy, biscuity, chocolatey things you've seen on Pinterest?! We might not have nailed the technique or used the right ingredients, but toast a marshmallow over a fire and whack it in a chocolate digestive and you're in for a treat.

3. Glitter will be found for weeks (no doubt months) after any festival trip. My Wilderness post is JUST around the corner, I promise!


1. Deal. We popped here for a few lovely hours when we stayed in Kent for a few child free nights. A classically British seaside town. The sun shone for us and we enjoyed G&T's by the pebbly beach and some 'imaginary beach side house hunting'.

2. Ozark. Our new Netflix addiction. A dark tale about drug cartels and money laundering, well worth a watch if that's your kind of thing.

3. First Aid Kit. We listened to a lot of new bands before we went to Wilderness Festival but my favourite has to be this female duo. Their songs are the soundtrack to my Summer for sure.


1. Swimming in the sea off the Pembrokeshire coast, a perfect 15 minutes over the bank holiday weekend. Watching Wilf crack his swimming has been such a delight too.

2. Blackcurrant and almond cake. My Mum shared a delicious Sarah Raven recipe with me this month, SO easy but so good. It's gluten free, so kinda feels healthy too!

3. Watching the kids embrace camping. We bought a new (second hand) tent this year so safe to say there'll be plenty more camping holidays ahead of us from now on. I'm so happy they'll be following in the footsteps of both mine and Sam's childhood holidays!


I'd love to know what you've learnt, discovered or loved this month. Do share in the comments below and have yourself a very happy September. x