A September Round Up And Giveaway With Carolyn Carter

I have loved this past month, it's felt long but has past in a blink all at the same time. A lot has happened in our little family and we're just starting to find our groove in a new pace of life.

The biggest change is that Wilf has started school and Anwen has started her two mornings at a nursery. They're both loving it and coming back with tales of things they've seen and done each day. Wilf's accounts of playground adventures over dinner each evening have had Sam and I scoffing, trying not to spray food over the table as we stifle laughs. "We all closed our eyes and punched each other" up there with things we weren't expecting to hear.

Anwen has chosen to surprise us with sayings at other unsuspecting moments. Like when the allotment secretary popped by last week and she asked to smell her pink lipstick and then informed her "Daddy got a willy." I laughed it off heartily obviously, whilst cringing and hoping she hadn't made out the very.clear.intonation of my two and half year old.

September also threw a couple of adventures our way, with a getaway to Bristol for the night, a night back at my parent's in Pembrokeshire cheering on Iron Men and a very special wedding in Henley.

Sam was the best man to two very special friends and I was honoured to help with flowers and gatecrash the top table (albeit with invitation). Apart from a stubborn white owl who refused to fly the rings down the aisle(!), the day went without a hitch and we danced late into the night.

As always its been busy with brief moments of calm (see below) to stop and recharge.

I've caught myself on a number of occasions recently rushing completely needlessly. Whether it's because I haven't brushed off the school run rush (always) or because I'm always just late for things (probable) but I'm trying to remind myself to just.slow.down a bit more.

A great weekly reminder for me is My Thursday Breaktime. Seeing lovely moments of calm, usually involving hot cups of tea (destined to go cold if mine are anything to go by), inspires me to carve out a small part of my day just for me.

Here are just a few of the gorgeous photos that caught my eye in the gallery last month.

@aheartfullofhope @Le.paquet.blog

@emilytalling  @toosmallforadog

Organic Surge

joined us during September and generously sponsored it with a lovely prize including four of their deliciously scented hand and body washes. Although there were a whole host of great entries, I kept coming back to this sweet scene by Hannah (@hannahruthking)

I love everything about it. The smooth white sheets, the creamy coffee, matching blues and those toes and leg rolls? Don't even get me started! A huge congratulations Hannah, please drop me a line so we can get your prize to you.

I'm delighted to announce some more very exciting news in that we have made a perfect partnership for the cosy month ahead.

Carolyn Carter

is joining us in celebrating breaktimes and I couldn't be more delighted.

I discovered Carolyn's work through instagram and have fallen for her paired back style and the beautiful craftsmanship in her knitted work. You can find her full range in her shop



Carolyn is kindly offering a very generous prize of a pair of wrist warmers (in a colour of your choice) and a mini plant hanger, for our favourite October post. To enter your posts simply tag us @littlemaldod and @carolyn_carter along with the usual #mythursdaybreaktime hashtag.

I can't wait to see what this month has in store for you all. I'll be reminding myself to stop charging about and finding some fun down on the allotment this weekend to help me with this. Stay tuned next week for a little green fingered update!