A Super Hero Party

This year, turning 4, Wilf's birthday celebrations centered around super heroes. Yes, Spiderman and his merry band of marvel friends have well and truly infiltrated our house. I'm going with it, embracing all things super and, being the party theme Monica Gellar that I am, made sure that wherever possible his party this year had certain 'kapow' to it.

The party followed the usual pattern for kids parties at our house - manic present opening (me trying to quickly scribble down what was given and from who), garden fun and food, pass the parcel, musical statues and chocolate cake. You just can't beat a tried and tested party formula at this age!

With thanks to some fabulous decorations and partywear from Meri Meri, we managed to turn our house around in an hour. I kid you not, we arrived home with two tired children after a birthday swim at 3pm, Sam went straight out for provisions and I got to it with the decorating. Obviously we took short cuts, I simply DIDN'T have time to bake a big cake (Colin the Caterpillar to the rescue) and squash in a jug and cheese and pineapple sticks was about as fancy as things got. However, come 4 pm, Wilf and his guests didn't batman (nearly!) an eyelid and had a great time.

It was great to have such eye catching decorations that transformed our breakfast table into a mini banquet, fit for Superman himself. I love how just a few key pieces from a collection can pull a theme together and it definitely made things a LOT easier for me when I was running around. Meri Meri's collection (here) has plenty of choice and they have a great range of themes that I look forward to trying next time, here's hoping Anwen's into 'Rainbows and Unicorns' by the time she turns 3!

Our fancy dress basket was strategically placed to invite some 'custom' made costumes, should guests which to have a delve. I made the party hats two years ago for Wilf's second birthday and they're still going strong. Getting them out for every party is a tradition I'm so glad to have started.

The masks went down well and, as you can see, Sam fully embraced the theme too. The less said about my attempts at face painting the better (note to self, buy a full pallet and brushes next time.) Just look how seriously they're judging the final of musical statues!

I'm pleased to say that I did manage to redeem myself on the baking front (just) when Wilf had a second little gathering and we all enjoyed chocolate icing cupcakes - the perfect fuel for little heroes, busy being super.


With thanks to Meri Meri who kindly gifted items from their Super Hero Range.

Please note that all opinions expressed in this post are my own and it was written of my own accord.