Five Steps To Five Bunches

When I pick a bunch of flowers from our green grocers, the garden or, thanks to Bloom & Wild, receive them through the letterbox, I like to spread them across as many rooms in my home as possible. A room just feels different with fresh flowers in don't you think?

So when The Florence arrived this week, that's exactly what I did.

I challenged myself to stretch just one bunch of beautifully wild and whimsical flowers across 5 different size containers. Here's how I did it.

1. I laid out the bunch to see what flowers and foliage were included.

2. I selected different size vases to suit the flowers and foliage.

3. I worked out what type of bunches I wanted. I went for a wild bunch, a bright bunch and something that had as limited a pallette as possible.

4. I tried to stick to a 'two thirds' rule as much as possible.  A little trick I picked up at the SISTERHOOD CAMP (oh so much to tell you!) which suggests that you should have two thirds flowers, one third vase so they look in proportion. You can turn this rule on it's head and have smaller blooms, so long as the vase is roughly two thirds bigger. Keeping to these general proportions is the key (I hope I've managed it!)

5. I found homes for the blooms around the house. This bunch found a home by our fire but was quickly moved to enjoy in my office.

The Florence has been created to celebrate The Chelsea Flower Show. It's wildflower feel is the perfect nod to the great British garden. It's available to order until June 17th so if you want to give this 5 vase challenge a go too, hop over here to snap yours up.

As usual we have the show on series link and are enjoying catching up in the evenings this week. It's always a great inspiration to get out in the garden! Have you been watching too, which show garden is your favourite so far?