Being A Mum

When was I contacted by Bloom & Wild recently to see if I'd like to be involved in their Mother's Day campaign, I was both delighted and extremely touched. Obviously I jumped at the chance. However, when they asked me what 'my favourite thing about being a Mum' was, I got stuck.

After taking these photos with their beautiful Mother's day blooms, I knew my response would have to be "having fun and making each other laugh." Every stage of these two growing up has been brilliant, but they're now both at a point when they have a giggle together, make mischief and make us both laugh on a daily basis. Nothing beats getting to laugh along with them. 

But the truth is I got stuck because there are countless things that are my favourite. Just too many moments, emotions and feelings that I love, that picking just one felt a bit odd.

Now before I go on, don't get me wrong, Motherhood is hard. It's the hardest thing that I've done, and ever will do. I'm challenged by it on a daily basis, exhausted by it most days and some days feel COMPLETELY unsure about what I'm doing. 

But in amongst the very real challenges, it is also the most fun filled, rewarding, humbling and life giving job that I will ever do. I feel so lucky that I get to be a Mum and I know a blog post like this can't really do it justice. With Mother's Day just two week's away though, I thought I'd share just a few of the day to day moments that I love (and a few that I don't) about being a Mum.  


Dance routines in the kitchen. I'll say no more other than that, to them, no-one else can sing and dance to Lionel like I can.

- Getting to hold their hands. On walks outdoors, walking up the stairs or as we cwtch up, their small hands in mine is the loveliest.

- Hearing them refer to me as Mummy. Obviously there are times when hearing "mummeeeeeee"/ "mummaaaaaay"/ "mum mum mum mum mum mum mum" drives me up the wall. But knowing that only I can answer to that name when they say it is priceless.

Making up bedtime stories.  Somehow Wilf has recently managed to wangle a second bedtime story after his book, but only if it's a made up one. My current subjects usually involve animals who meet, make friends, have fun and then go home to bed (always end with characters going to bed!) If he turns around at the end and says "that was a GREAT story Mummy" then my day is made.

- Making family traditions. It's so important to Sam and I that our children have a strong sense of belonging. A sense that they're part of 'team Harris' and a safe, loving environment. We both believe that this will give them security to grow, find their feet in life and one day become independent people in this world. I hope that by creating our own traditions, not just the ones we dust off each year at Christmas, but special things we do, say and celebrate day in day out, will build that feeling of belonging and hopefully stay with them a lifetime.

- Adventures. Any adventure is fun when you're 3 and nearly 2. I love getting to join in on the real life one's, where they learn things for the first time. I equally love the made up ones, where their imaginations get stretched and, for us at least, pirates usually make an appearance.

- Cooking together. Whilst I often have to muster EVERY ounce of patience I have when the two of them are up at the worktop at 5pm 'helping', I really do love cooking together. I have to admit that I do sometimes imagine them as future famous chefs, talking about how it 'all started with Mum.'

- Hearing them say I love you. Quite simply the most wonderful words this Mama can hear.

I could go on with this list of mine. The truth is though, I'm writing this late on a Saturday night at my parent's house, Sam is away and Wilf and I are sharing a room. The Gro-clock is set for 7am tomorrow and a certain person has taken to requesting 5 minute updates on "how long til the sun comes up?" This is the time he can get out of bed and jump into mine so we can chat, tell jokes and plan our next cookery adventure together (watch Minion clips on You Tube while I go back to sleep). If this morning is anything to go by, then 'sun progress reports' will start at 6am. 

Early starts (and Minions.) 

Not so in love with those.

Thank you so much to Bloom & Wild for this stunning bunch of flowers and for inviting me to be a part of this lovely campaign, it really has been an honour.

Thanks for stopping by too. If you haven't already discovered Bloom & Wild and their very clever 'letterbox flowers' then do pop over here to find out more.

With love,

Lowri x