Finding Treasures In November

November has flown, hasn't it?! Our month has been busy, with birthday celebrations, weekends away, delicious suppers in the company of best friends and the busiest period in my shop to date.

Amid all of this, I've made a few discoveries which I thought I'd share with you. A number of them make lovely gifts, so consider this my own little contribution to a whole host of gift guides popping up at the moment.

1. Hobo Soy Candle. This delicious candle was one of the treats in my goody bag at the Sisterhood Supper with Toast (which you can read about here). I love the crisp design of the tin and the wood wick burns beautifully.  The scent is Fresh Fig and Cassis, a perfect combination.

I've been following this business on instagram for a month or two now, about the time that the founder Rachael left her full time job to concentrate on candles, it's great to see it growing so quickly. You can find their full range here.

2. Nutscene Twine. I bought this twine a while ago but discovered it in the depths of my bureau last week. It will certainly be put to good use in my Christmas wrapping but more on my plans for festive gift wrap another time.

I bought the twine from House By Betty which is my favourite gift shop near where my parents live. They are also online here and on Instagram. Lauren has created a treasure trove of gifts which I guarantee you'll be tempted by.

3. Bo Ho Bo Aromatherapy This little balm was also included in my Sisterhood goody bag and it smells incredible.

It's ingredients include some of my favourites - sweet almond oil, rose, geranium, bergamon, sicillian lavendar and clary sage. I have to admit to knowing little about aromatherapy and being ignorant of the benefits that so many natural products have, I'd love to learn more next about it next year though. You can find their full range of products here. 

3. Mamgu's Watch. OK so this isn't a gift and it certainly isn't for sale. This watch belonged to my Grandmother (my Mamgu) and I rediscovered it with joy this month.

My two children have a habit of finding little bags in my room (usually containing make up or jewellery) and emptying them to make room for their own treasures. It usually drives me crazy but when a little bag, that I'd quite forgotten about, was pulled out from the back of a drawer containing this watch I was so pleased. The battery has gone and its pretty scratched but I've been wearing it as a bracelet so really don't mind. Just as well that it doesn't tell the time as I photographed it upside down for this post, there's rushing to beat the loss of daylight for you!

5. Bare Atlantic Friendship Bracelet. This is something else I've LOVED wearing this month. I bought an identical bracelet for a best friend's 30th birthday gift and just couldn't resist having one to match. The sign of true friendship right?!

Bare Atlantic was founded by a friend of mine called Sarah who designs and makes these delicate pieces herself.  They are exquisitely made and the packaging they come in is equally as lovely.

Sarah takes pride in sourcing her materials ethically, a quality which I admire greatly. The silk comes from Germany from a company with a rich heritage in silk production since the 1800s and the silver beads are made by Karen Hill Tribe artisans in Thailand. The colour of this silk is 'pale pink' but you can find the full range of bracelets here.

I started my Christmas shopping this weekend and am thoroughly enjoying finding unique presents from smaller, independent businesses. Hopefully my discoveries this month have given you a few ideas for your own gift giving.

I can't wait to see what December has in store and look forward to sharing more treasures and finds this time next month.

Thanks for stopping by.

Lowri x