July with Bloom & Wild

Well July just flew by didn't it?! Summer days spent strawberry eating, flower picking and tea drinking. All shown so beautifully in your Thursday breaktime moments this month.

I've had SUCH a task choosing a favourite from the #mythursdaybreaktime, there were so many lovely moments and images that caught my eye.

This image by Lisa (@darlingbudsofme) stole my heart though. The first (second and third) time I read the text accompanying text tears prickled my eyes. It's simply beautiful.

I adore everything about the overhead head shot, the illustration of the book, the squished-up-on-the-sofa bodies with little hands holding little feet. But it's the words below that really strike a cord, they're so honest, full of love and beautifully written. I challenge you to read them without a tear in your eye. 

Here's what Lisa wrote:

"This. That I get to do this every day, be with the best two little people in the universe, still floors me. That when I'm tired and they're getting a bit cranky I say 'shall we have story time?' and they cheer as though somebody won something and grab stacks of their favourites and 'I picked this one Mummy because I know you love it' and we sit melded together and they go quiet and I search for my slow rich storytelling voice, which is sometimes easier to find than others, and the pages turn and the stories unfold and time suspends. And maybe they're right to cheer because somebody did win something. Lucky mama that I am, I won them :-)"

Up until the start of the Summer holidays my Thursday afternoons have been 'my' time, with Wilf at nursery and Anwen asleep, they are my chance to sit down quietly for a break. Ahead of six weeks of afternoons with my preschooler I wondered what my breaktimes would end up looking like. Lisa's image thoroughly challenged me and made me realise that, whilst they might not be as 'peaceful' and relaxing, breaktimes with little people about are just as lovely and can even be more special.

Congratulations Lisa, I hope you're cheering! You've won THREE month's worth of flowers from Bloom & Wild delivered straight through your letter box.

But hang on there guys, I'm not quite finished! Because the lovely people at Bloom & Wild realised how tricky my task was to pick just one favourite, they've generously offered a runner up prize. How lovely is that!

So, I'm delighted to share this image of pure Summer deliciousness with you.

This image by Emma (@beautythrumylens) just sums up July for me- sweet homemade refreshing treats, strawberries and Peonies. Ahhh, Peonies! One of my favourite flowers, made even more special by the fact that they make an appearance just once a year in this lovely month.

Emma's Instagram is beautiful and has become a favourite to scroll through. Congratulations Emma, a one off delivery of blooms will be on it's way to you.

I'll be in touch with both of you via Instagram to confirm your contact details and arrange your prizes.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has joined in this month, there are so many lovely photos in the gallery. I'll share a few more favourites from this Thursday back here next week, along with details of a fantastic prize for August brought to you from the fabulous Teapigs. Did I mention I like tea?!

Have a wonderful weekend all!