A Break in Brecon

Last Wednesday we headed West, handed our children safely over to my parents and then headed North. Off to a campsite in Brecon that we last visited before they were born and the last place we slept under the stars.

Priory Mill Farm is a special spot on the edge of the river a couple of miles outside of Brecon. As you drive down the single track, you are greeted by the most picturesque cobbled courtyard, complete with Watermill, chickens, Moss the dog and a very warm welcome from Noel and Susie who own it. It's a lovely low key site, with all the essentials you need when you're camping (hot showers!) but in a non fussy, natural style. I can thoroughly recommend looking it up if you're after a camping spot in the area.

We arrived in the sunshine and wandered across the meadow to choose our generously sized spot, you're not squeezed in next to your canvas neighbours here.

We were pleased to rediscover our 'tent assembling' skills and quickly got things ship shape. Our fondest memories from our first stay were of sitting around a fire pit (leant for your stay) so we were pleased that there was one left for us to use that night.

Once we were set up we had the pleasure of driving over to the beautiful home of The Green Gables, were we spent a delightful few hours drinking tea and eating cake with Gabrielle and her husband. It was so lovely to meet a friendly face in person having swapped business emails and chatted over Instagram.

With rain forecast we didn't plan anything for Thursday so were pleasantly surprised to find a dry morning, perfect for a lazy start and bacon sandwiches. Isn't that what child free days are all about?!

We spent the afternoon in Brecon trying out a few of the local eateries. Getting through a couple of pots of tea at Cariad Cupcakes, with the BIGGEST slices of cake around, followed by countless rounds of Uno and laughs at a local pub.

We're always reminded how much fun we have together when we get away from the (happy) chaos of normal life. Of course we missed the children and loved the text updates we got but it was so nice to not be needed for anything, not to have to keep an eye on the time and just see how the day panned out.

During the day, when I got some signal, I loved taking a peek at your breaktime moments too. Tea quite often makes an appearance in the gallery, I'm not surprised, and last week these lovely shots caught my eye.

@brickdustandglitter  @camillaelms

@We.made.this.home  @harryandfrank

They all epitomise what a perfect breaktime looks like for me. Peace and quiet with a cuppa. Having said that, I'm not quite sure how peaceful the breaktime with Tamour the new puppy was. Isn't she sweet!

This gorgeously fresh shot by @Cotton_clara really made me smile too.

I could dive straight in and nibble at all that fruit. Clara makes and sells the most amazing needlepoint kits, they're like nothing else I've seen. I'd love to have a go at some of the fruit needlepoint brooches she sells. Do pop over to her Folksy shop (here) and take a look.

In her comment Clara tells how they spent the afternoon "scrumping" the fruit from an abandoned student garden next door. I have to admit I had to google the word as I've not come across it. Definition understood, I can safely say I see nothing wrong with pinching perfectly good fruit that's going to waste, especially when it looks that good!

In fact, I rather wish someone had scrumped their way round our fruit cage at the allotment while we were away. I visited today and was sad to see some of it had already gone over. Fear not though, I picked bowl fulls to make up for it and you're sure to find a Jam making post making an appearance here soon.

On the culinary note, I'll be back tomorrow with a few tasty recipes that I've been trying out with some tea sent to me by the lovely folk at Teapigs , Here's a little teaser, YES its made with tea and soooo good.

Don't forget that you can win yourself a bag full of Teapigs goodies by posting your own #mythursdaybreaktime photo on Instagram and tagging in me @littlemaldod and @teapigs. I'll be announcing the winner (my favourite shot for the month) over the bank holiday weekend.

My breaktime this week might not be as relaxed as last week, it probably won't involve any games of Uno (must teach that to Wilf ASAP) but it'll still be lots of fun. I look forward to sharing it with you tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by!