My Afternoon in London and a Wobblegate Wedding

Last Thursday, whilst we staying down in Sussex with Sam's parents ahead of a wedding, I took a little trip. A trip to London, on my own.

I realise that might not sound like a big deal to some of you but with two small children (almost constantly within a few feet of me), a solo trip to Morrisons is quite an achievement! So imagine my excitement at the prospect of an afternoon in London, with no plans before an evening workshop I'd booked with Quill London.

After some consideration of how to spend my few hours before the workshop, when someone suggested a trip to Liberty (via Instagram), I couldn't believe it hadn't already been at the top of my to-do list.

In my usual over ambitious belief in having 'loads of time' I thought I might manage a trip there AND a quick gallery visit, but who was I kidding? No, I managed to wander around every floor for over 2 hours, finishing off with an overdue make up lesson at the Bobbi Brown counter. Every moment was absolute bliss.

Each, creaky floor was a delight and I could have strolled around stroking the fabrics in the haberdashery all day long.

 And that floral display? Only at Liberty!

The Brush Lettering workshop that I went to afterwards didn't disappoint either. It was everything I'd hoped it would be and more. I loved learning a skill I've been wanting to try for ages. The workshop was run by Teri from The Lovely Drawer and Emma Block. They are both absolutely lovely and so talented, I felt quite in awe!

I was too busy practicing and chatting to some lovely people on my table to take many pictures. I did manage to take this though to celebrate a perfect Thursday breaktime.

On Friday, the theme of the day was floral once again. A best friend of mine had asked me to put together the bridesmaid boquets for her wedding, which of course I was delighted about. It was such a treat to be presented with bunches of beautiful roses and foliage and told to do whatever I thought. Thankfully the bride-to-be was happy with the final result.

The weather on Saturday, the wedding day, was perfect and we all breathed a sigh of relief when we saw the sun in the morning. This stunning view of the South Downs was taken from the marquee. You could barely see to the end of the field through the rain when we finished the flowers 24 hours before!

The wedding took place on a farm in Sussex at the home of Wobblegate Apple juice (Tom, the groom bosses the juice). It was the perfect setting for the most relaxed and lovely day. Sitting on hay bails, warmed by the sunshine and nestled in a row of apple trees, we watched Kate and Tom give their vows to each other, becoming Mr and Mrs amid stumbled lines and lots of laughter.

My sister was a bridesmaid and I could have burst with love for the bride when I listened to the bridesmaids' speech about her. It's a special day indeed when someone so dear gets wed!

The evening sun shone down as guests sat on hay bales and benches, chatting and enjoying the cider while dancing kicked off under canvas.

The fact that I got to hang out with these two, my Mum and sister and my two favourite ladies in the whole world, was the icing on the cake.