My Thursday Break Time

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I love taking part in weekly and monthly photo challenges. I shared recently about Styling the Seasons, a monthly project which constantly inspires me. I also love a weekly project by Capture by Lucy under the hashtag #capturingcolour. This week's theme is cups! Now who doesn't love a gorgeous mug, especially if theres tea in it?!

A recent theme was 'from where I stand' and it made me look and notice the paths below my feet all week. 

I love the community that can be found through Instagram and have 'met' some lovely people and made genuine some friendships. 

As a Mum at home with two young children, I've found it a lovely way of 'connecting' with like minded people and often others who are experiencing similar challenges, joys and adventures as me. 

When my son is at nursery and my daughter naps for an hour or so, I tend to juggle housework, sometimes little maldod orders but always try to make time for a sit down with a cuppa. I find being a Mum physically as well as mentally (and emotionally) exhausting, thankfully not always all at the same time! 

I've found that making time for me, taking a little break and allowing myself to recharge has become invaluable in my day to day. I really notice when I've not had that quiet time on days when my little boy (now a non-napper) is not at nursery, phew! 

We've started to enjoy a little quiet time together though, as I find that a rest and break from running around always does him good too.

One of the things I love most about Instagram is the little glimpses you get into other people's lives. I'm rather nosy and love knowing what other people are up to. I'm also sure that I'm not alone in enjoying the quiet moments and a little break (or two) during my day.

That's why I've decided to start a little weekly project of my own. I'd love it if you'd join me in sharing what your Thursday break time looks like.

Be it, a peaceful moment on a park bench, a coffee at elevenses in a bustling cafe, a quiet cuppa on the sofa after lunch or maybe even a sneaky shot of a real life 'diet coke break' moment!

Anyone can join in on Instagram, simply share a photo (which is new and your own) with the hashtag #mythursdaybreaktime and tag @littlemaldod so I can see all your lovely photos! 

Here's a few 'break' moments I've captured recently.

I can't wait to see your moments and do hope you enjoy playing along.

I'll share a few favourites here and on my Instagram feed each week. 

Have a wonderful day and enjoy your break time today.

Lowri x