DIY Mini Party Hats

I posted last week about the brilliant Happy Paper Club box that I received last weekend. In it was an exclusive 'Make Me' card, a clever idea to jot down 'how to' instructions which you can share with a friend. I thought it'd be nice to share one of these cards with you for a little activity we did yesterday.

With Easter just round the corner I decided it was about time we opened up the craft box and got down to some seasonal fun. So whilst a certain little lady had her nap, Wilf and I had a go at making some egg toppers or 'hats' as we ended up calling them. 

 A selection of bright paper and some Spring time trims and tape. He couldn't wait to get his hands on them!

If you're the parent of a child who goes to nursery then, like me, you probably have a great collection of paintings and pictures. Wilf runs towards me most weekday afternoons clutching a few A3 pieces of paper decorated with coloured paint. I'm always trying to find ways of 'upcycling' them into something (birthday, thank you cards) as I can't bear to throw them away!

I decided to cut out some circles from one of these 'masterpieces' and use them for out hats.

I had to add an initial for each of us so we know who's egg is who's! I nearly fell off my chair when Wilf said 'W' when I wrote it out. I didn't realise he knew it, those alphabet cartoons are obviously sinking in!

A colourful collection of very mini party hats and some happy eggs! They were loads of fun to do and Wilf loved choosing the colours and decorating each one. 

We made party hats for his birthday party last year and the method was exactly the same as this, just on a much larger scale. Bigger party hats are great fun to do, again Wilf decorated each piece of card and I then spent an evening with a glue gun adorning them! 

Here's a few other photos I posted on Instagram at the time. 

They're lovely to keep and we'll reuse them as much as we can until they fall apart/ get so covered in party food that we have to make new ones. 

This was taken at Anwen's birthday party this month. Her party guests loved picking out a hat to wear for the celebrations.

So, without further ado, here's how we made them:

So, they you are, some ideas for some very mini hats as well as some for slightly bigger heads. I hope you can make out my writing and the instructions on the 'Make Me' card! I'd love to see your photos if you have a go at making some this Easter.

Before I go, I love how the happy eggs look in these Buddy and Bear egg cups! They look like they're having a little party. They're available to buy in the little maldod shop so if you like them too, you can find them here.

Thank you so much for reading today. 

Have a brilliant Tuesday! (eggcellent pun duly avoided...)

Love Lowri x