Patchwork, presents and pink


I hope you're all staying safe and dry in all this stormy weather. I'm writing this from the comfort of the sofa during the peace and quiet of nap time and hoping the rain will stop before we have to take the dog out. 
But while my feet are up I thought I'd pop by and say hi. 

**UPDATE: Since writing this we've taken the dog. It did rain and very nearly got blown away! Roll on Spring!**

Yesterday was my last day at my part time office job before heading off into maternity leave and I can't tell you how glad I am to have got to this point. Although I only worked there 2 days a week I'm so ready for a bit more time in my week to rest (as much as you can with a 20 month old!)

With our current child care arrangements staying in place for a few more weeks I'm looking forward to a bit more me time and a chance to prepare for the little one's arrival.

I'll still be carrying on with all things little maldod but over the next few weeks I'm hoping to find time to make some things for baby number 2. I've been gathering scraps of fabric from the remnants that are in my collection and am planning to make a patchwork blanket (pram size, not a masterpiece!) Here are a selection of the fabrics I might use. 

I also want to make a breastfeeding cover which I know other friends have found really handy. I've made some for friends in the past and decided that this time round I'd have one myself. This lovely Cath Kidston fabric is nice and light so will do perfectly.  

Minus the creases of course! (Straight out of the fabric box)
We'll be making some changes to our guest room and hopefully turning it into one of the children's bedrooms. Before they take up residence in the summer (when the little one leaves our room) it'll serve as a nice place to play/feed. I've decided to put the build-your-own bunting sample in there to brighten things up, I quite unexpectedly liked the rainbow effect that the flags made. 

In the build up to finishing I've been spoilt with some lovely gifts from a special friend who has given me countdown presents to mark each day left in work! 

  And I returned from work yesterday to some beautiful roses, dafs and dahlias from my boys. I feel very blessed! 

If you haven't already guessed from the photos, we're expecting a little girl. We haven't kept it a secret from friends but neither have we announced it across all social media. However, I' guess this post doesn't exactly hide the fact that a little lady will be joining this household! 

There's no point denying it.....things are going to get very pink around here!

I look forward to sharing some photos of whatever I get round to making, that's if little miss doesn't decide to turn up early.......

Thanks for stopping by and reading.

Lots of love,
Lowri x